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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee takes responsibility on behalf of the members of the SDC for monitoring the performance of the SDC Board, reviewing the governance structure and overseeing the financial reporting process.

Audit Committee met 8 times in 2015, 7 times in 2016, 8 times in 2017 and 3 times as of August in 2018.

The SDC Audit Committee comprises:

The Following are SDC Voting Member elected representatives

  • Vien Cheung CCol ASDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2021)
  • Paul Santokhi CCol FSDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2021)
  • Peter Duffield CCol FSDC (Retires by rotationuntil AGM 2022)
  • Michael Leonard Catterall CCol ASDC (Retires by rotation until AGM 2022)

SDC staff in attendance: