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Trevor Lambourne

I’m currently employed at the University of Leeds in roles as Commercial Manager in the Centre of Industrial Collaboration within the Colour Science department and also in the MAPS faculty as the Research and Innovation Development manager. Previous experience in the colouration industry amounts to over 30 years in the graphic industries, working across markets on the development and commercialisation of various innovative technologies. Initially, this was with Vickers in their technical sales team, and then with the DuPont and Agfa graphic businesses.

I achieved the Dupont Marketing Excellence Award in 1996, in recognition for the development and successful commercialisation of Computer to Plate technology, heralding the demise of silver halide film as an imaging medium. This was a very significant step change for the Graphic arts industry moving to digital output, followed in later years by Inkjet. Now I see the digital world moving into textiles in a similar disruptive manor. I moved to Agfa when the business was sold, tasked with the restructuring of Agfa’s global pressroom chemical business through managing consolidation and new product introductions.

I’m also active as a Non-Executive Board member of the CDiYorkshire management team, part of the British Printing Industry Federation, which represents the regions considerable creative digital industries, whilst also representing the university on the Institute of Physics Printing committee.