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Spike Ngai CCol ASDC

I serve as the Manager, Technical Marketing, Supply Chain Marketing Asia for Cotton Incorporated, where I am responsible for the company’s hybrid product marketing programs.

I currently serve as the Honorary Treasurer of The Hong Kong Association of Textile Bleachers, Dyers, Printers and Finishers, the Honorary Secretary of the Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel and I’m a board member of the Textile and Clothing Training Board of Vocational Training Council.

I earned a Bachelor Degree from Victoria University of Technology in Computer Science. I am a Chartered Textile Technologist and Associate of the Textile Institute, a Member of the Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel, a Senior Member of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, a Full Member of Hong Kong Computer Society and a Member and Certified Technologist of Australian Computer Society.

I have spent 17 years working in the cotton textile industry focusing on textile wet processing in Asia. I joined the SDC in 1999, and was Chair of SDC Hong Kong in 2014. I was also a Co-opted member of the SDC Board since 2015 and became a Trustee in 2016.