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Geoffrey Rudkin CCol FSDC

I have been an active member of the SDC ever since being recruited at UMIST. My first employer encouraged me to study for the three ASDC papers needed to top-up my textiles chemistry degree and for the last 40+ years I have recognised the values the SDC has to offer any colour professionals who see the need to both network with others and to keep up their technical skills.

My working life started in a commission fabric dyer and on to multi-national dye and auxiliary makers in technical sales type positions. In recent years this has given me the opportunity to visit major dyeing plants in Asia as well as help to start up some local fabric printworks and more recently package dyers.

Working as a visiting technician is similar to aspects of a Trustee role in that one learns that the people who know the job best are the ones who work inside the operation. As an outsider it’s a case of becoming a trusted critical friend.

In addition to working with Region and Perkin House Education and Membership Qualifications committees I was able to volunteer as a school governor and became Chair of the Schools Board for a few years. School governors have very similar roles to Trustees being responsible for the ethos and strategy of the organisation. Like the SDC Board they employ senior staff to advise on and be responsible for the effective day to day running of the organisation. Difficult judgements are shared in order to progress towards the medium and long term targets.

With age comes experience of change and having two sons who are progressing in their careers helps me to see the “new” ways of educational delivery and networking and thus to recognise the changes that the SDC staff and Board are now working on.