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Debbie Bamford

My first qualification and career was in the Hotel and Catering Industry, firstly with a large hotel chain then running a small business in the hospitality industry with my ex-husband. I then ran a small catering supply company of my own, took time out to have children and went back to University to take a degree. During this time my interest in history and the history of dyeing was aroused, so I researched and worked with the dyes and recipes I could find, this led to me starting a small business (you could almost say by accident!) principally working for Museums, Historic Houses and the Heritage Industry.

I have also recently worked with a high end carpet company running tests on large scale dyeing using natural dyes, in commercial dye vats. Environmental issues are also a primary concern. I run workshops for Universities, Schools, Guilds and Private, and am keen to promote the industry to young people, so am a STEM Ambassador introducing the chemistry of dyeing in schools.

I have been an active member of several charitable organisations over the years principally in finance, although I have also been on the editorial committee of a large subscription journal, and part of the selection committee and editor for a group of historical dye academics. I have several articles published and am a contributor to the Encyclopaedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles of the British Isles c450–1450.